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Aughamullan Primary School
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Meet the Victorians - Recount by a P7 Boy

25th Jan 2019

'Today started like any other day until we were told we were going to step back in time to school life in the 1900's. Miss Anderson started by telling us to line up in two separate lines, boys to one side and girls in another line in order from smallest to tallest.  When we walked in to the classroom we weren't allowed to sit down until our names was called out in the register. Miss Anderson explained that we were only allowed to talk when spoken to, and if we wanted to speak we had to stand up and address her correctly. She warned us to sit with arms folded in front of us and not to slouch or their will be consequences. We had to use blackboards and stale pencils to do our reading, spellings and arithmetic. It was so weird. Miss Anderson told us the boys had to clean the outside of the school and the girls had to clean the inside so no rats could come in. Eww!

We then went on to Geography, Miss Anderson said some capital cities and we had to say what country they were in. I was the one who knew some of the countries, it was such a nice feeling to get it right!

At last we had to do some exercises, one boy had to balance a book on his head he was really good.

It was one of the funniest mornings ever!'